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Considerations of Background Checks for Nonprofit Board Members

Reimagining Boards for High Impact - An Introduction and Invitation

5 Barriers to Overcome and Advance Your Board’s DEI Commitment

When Sunsetting Your Nonprofit is the Hardest (and Best) Option

Lessons From a Cross-Racial Team About Building Belonging

It’s Time to Heal

Nonprofits’ Role in Indian Boarding Schools: An Opportunity to Tell the Truth and Heal

Moving from Voice to Power

Purpose-Driven Leadership - Lessons from GEO's Racial Equity Journey

What Boards Can Learn from the Story of Nikole Hannah-Jones

Building the Boards We Need

The March Continues

Billy Shore Responds to Purpose-Driven Board Leadership Framework

Getting to the “Heart” of Racial Equity

The Healing Potential of the Nonprofit Sector

For Nonprofits, Uncertainty Equals Opportunity

Facing the Challenge of Racial Inequity — or Avoiding It

Governing in and through a Pandemic

Recruiting for Board Diversity — Without Disrespecting People of Color

Nonprofits Must Advocate

The Value of Lived Experience

In Our Health and Educational Systems, The Time for Board Diversity Is Now

A Message to My Fellow White Board Chairs

A Moment to Change

Failure is not an Option: How Nonprofit Boards Can Support Leaders of Color

Now That We Know Better

Preparing for the Journey – and Remembering Their Names

Our Opportunity

Reflections on Trust and Its Relationship to Racial Inequity on Nonprofit Boards

This is Not a Drill

Scenario Planning: Rapid Planning in a Time of Rapid Change

When to “Return”: Questions Nonprofit Executives Need to Think About

It's Time to Talk About...What  Board Commitment to Equity Looks Like in This Moment

Fundraising and Your Board During a Pandemic: Lean into the trends

Tapping into the Strength of Your Board: A Prescription for Difficult Times

Are You Responding or Reacting?

Partnership in a Time of Pandemic: The CEO and the Board

Why We Need Exceptional Board Governance More Than Ever

Engaging Your Board as You Navigate COVID-19

How to Build a Culture of Inquiry During the COVID-19 Crisis

Leading an Organization Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Quick & Dirty: Going Virtual Fast & Well

Responding to COVID-19: Building the "New Normal"

What Nonprofit Board Members Should Be Doing Right Now to Address the COVID-19 Situation.

Welcoming the Next Generation of Board Leadership

The Impact of Diversity on Board Outcomes

Planning for Today’s Knowns and Uncertainties

The Strategic Alliances of Nonprofits

Getting "CERIOUS" About Resource Development

Fundraising Compliance: What Every Board Member Should Know

On the Ground with Its Grantees

It's Time to Talk About...How Nonprofits Should Handle Relationships with "Tainted" Donors

Behind the Scenes of Successful Advocacy: A Q&A with the 2019 Stand for Your Mission Award Winner

Advocacy in Action: The 2019 Stand for Your Mission Award Finalists

It’s Time to Talk About… The Implications of the College Admissions Scandal

Board Diversity Includes Disabilities

BLF and the JOC Scholarship Changed My Life

The 4 Types of Power Players: How They Disrupt Boards and What To Do About Them

Make Board Diversity Work

The Board’s Role in Donor Relations: Four Ways to Improve

Owning My Whiteness

Should Your CEO Serve as a Board Member?

Setting and Executing Nonprofit Fundraising Goals: A Guide

Navigating the Complex Nonprofit Revenue Landscape

Lessons to Be Learned from Well-Meaning but Flawed Governance

An Important Window into the Foundation Boardroom

Nonprofits: Due for Due Diligence

Leading with Intent: Your Participation Matters!

Equity in Pursuit of Excellence: Why the Social Sector Needs Bold Strokes

Addressing Donor Misconduct: Advice to Boards and Leaders

Lessons Learned as Board Chair

A Nonprofit CEO’s Nightmare: The Micro-Managing Board

What to Do — and Not Do — When Your Chief Executive Leaves

Do-Able Fundraising for Real-World Boards

Is Your Board Ready to Advance Equity?

Moving the Needle with Corporate Support

Transparency: A Tool for Increasing Board Diversity

The Board–Chief Executive Partnership: Valuing Our Respective Lanes

BoardSource Proclamation: National Day of Racial Healing

How Treehouse Used Advocacy to Advance its Mission and Win Last Year's Stand for Your Mission Awards

A Year in Review: The Best Blogs of 2018

Flawed Fundraising Report Can Hurt Nonprofits

Putting Commitment into Action: A New Leader for BoardSource’s Work on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

Are Nonprofit Best Practices Stupid?

11 Steps to Producing a World-Class, Investment-Grade Business Plan for Your Nonprofit

Living into Our Values: Perspectives from BoardSource’s CEO & Board Chair

Reflections in the Wake of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation: 4 Questions for Boards

Strategic Planning: Is Your Board Ready?

Do You Know Your Board Members?

The Global Quest for Exceptional Governance

The Importance of Diversity (and Inclusion): A Call to Action for Community Foundations

The 3 Gotta-Haves for Boards Seeking Impact and Scale

Mixing Music and Advocacy to Scale Impact

Using For-Profit Language to Think Differently About Nonprofits

Grantspace.org — Providing Tools, Trainings, and Events for Foundation and Sector Leaders

Three Steps to Working With Your Board to Advance Advocacy

Selecting and Developing Board Leadership: Choose Your Leaders Wisely

Metrics That Matter: Is Your Board Tracking the Right Things?

The Power of Nonprofit Board Exit Interviews

How Nonprofit Boards Can Start the Merger Conversation

Foundation Board Diversity: Five Things We Can Do to Break from the Current Reality

The For-Profit and Nonprofit Sectors are Converging: What Are the Implications for You?

Stand for Your Mission Awards: Announcing the Finalists

You Can Diversify If You Want To

Board Time: Three Keys to Strategic Engagement

It's Time for Nonprofit Boards to Have a Conversation About Sexual Misconduct

Recruit Nonprofit Board Members with Purpose and Process

Running with the Bulls: Key 2018 Investment Issues for Nonprofit Board Leaders

Four Critical Factors That Impact Nonprofit Success

Phased-In Giving: A New Trend in Setting the Board's Give/Get Policy

Managing and Pursuing Your Investment Program's Long-Term Goals

Igniting Leadership for Power, Purpose, and Impact

Sink or Swim: The Changing Landscape for Community-Based Nonprofits

Preparing Your Nonprofit Board for a Fundraising Campaign

Nonprofit Boards Attuned to Innovating Ubiquitously

Board Members Zoning Out? Stop Reading the CEO Report

What Fundraising Shares with Fitness Training

Transform the Bored Room: Firecracker Facilitation Tips

Five Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About the Americans with Disabilities Act

Helping Your Nonprofit Find the Elusive CPI + 5% Investment Return Goal

Group Purchasing: It's easier for a nonprofit to save money than raise it.

Secure Your Oxygen Mask First: A Lesson in Nonprofit Organizational Capacity Building

Let’s Stop (Just) Talking about Nonprofit Board Diversity.

Nonprofit Board Trends and Practices Revealed in Leading with Intent 2017

Nonprofits Must Think Money First! End the Culture of Scarcity

The Nonprofit Board’s Role in Human Resource Management

Ujima and the Board-CEO Partnership

Planning for Action Will Help Your Board Members Forget to Be Forgetful

In Defense of Board Diversity

Don’t Do It: Don’t Start a Nonprofit

Learning, Knowing, Doing

Build it or buy it? Effective investment program oversight

Governing a Collaborative Organization

The Challenges and Opportunities of Family Foundation Governance

Fundraising Effectiveness: Hunches Aren’t Enough

What does 2017 have in store for your investment program?

Want to Improve Board Performance? Take these Five Steps

In Times of Change, Board Members Must Be Advocates

Creating a Culture of Innovation with Employee Health Care

Take the Fear out of Financial Statements

Creating a Culture of Collaboration, Nonprofits Can Learn from Pixar

A Good Question Can be a Game Changer

Why Repealing the Johnson Amendment is a Bad Idea

BoardSource in January: Advocacy, Fundraising Effectiveness, and Our New Look

The Top Six BoardSource Blog Posts of 2016

Communicate Effectively to Create Better Board Relationships

Leverage Your Board to Build an Inner Circle

Game On! Peer-to-Peer Assessment

Missions, Mergers, and Love

The F Word and How to Use It

Moving From Dissonance to Harmony: Managing Conflict on the Board

Being Interim

Proactive Planning: Succeeding with Succession

Uncovering the Mystery: The Art and Science of Shared Leadership

Do Nonprofit Boards Resist Online Investing?

Change Your Approach to Board Engagement

Executive Committees Beware!

Planning for the Future? Invest in Emerging Leaders

Address the Need for Nonprofit Succession Planning

Nine Lessons from a Nonprofit Advocacy Win

Generative Governance: Making Sense of Problems through Critical Inquiry

How to "Host" a Successful Board Meeting

A Child's View of Nonprofit Board Culture

Leadership of the Board Chair in Creating Board Culture

Is Nonprofit Planning an Oxymoron?

Reassuring level of knowledge revealed by nonprofit financial literacy quiz

Six Steps to Improve Board Financial Oversight

Leading with Intent Comes of Age: A glimpse at what 21 years of change in nonprofit governance looks like

Freeing Nonprofits from Their Risk-Averse Shackles

Wounded Warrior Project – A Classic Case Study

Is it Time to Dust off Your Nonprofit’s Conflict-of-Interest Policy?

Economy Continues to Dominate Concerns of Nonprofit Leaders in 2016

Form 990 — A Guide for Newcomers to Nonprofit Research

Why Youth Diversity Matters

How to Catch a Unicorn: Diversify Your Nonprofit Board Like You Mean it

Got Vizzies? 10 tips for nonprofit chief executives considering the dynamic visualization corner of the “Big Data” world.

A New Framework for BoardSource’s Leadership

“It Really Matters Who’s In Charge”

Introducing the New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

Is This Part of Our Job?

Collecting Social Security Numbers from Donors

An Imperative for Nonprofit Boards: The Time is Now to Step Up Your Game

Boosting Nonprofit Board Performance Where It Counts: Onboarding the CEO

From "Good" to "Great" (or Better Yet, Impactful)

Why It's Critical to Pilot New Nonprofit Board Technology

Nonprofit Risk Management: What's Inside Is What Counts

Stand for Your Mission While Staying Within the Rules

Nonprofit Scandals and the Lessons Learned

Taking a Principled Approach to Ethical Challenges & Questions

Social Alchemy: Transforming Problems Into World-Changing Ideas

A New Path for Sustaining Nonprofit Engagement in Advocacy

21st-Century Thinking for a 21st-Century World

Is Your Nonprofit Board Focused on the Right Things?

Are Nonprofit Boards Really Necessary?

Fuel the Operations of Your Nonprofit with a Dashboard

What Does It Take to Stand Out and Excel in the Nonprofit Sector?

Modeling the Nonprofit Board Behavior We Seek

Building a Collaborative Nonprofit Board Team

Passing the Nonprofit Governance Torch to GENNEXT

Equip Your New Nonprofit Board Members to Be Effective on Day One

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